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Safety and quality are our top priority!

At Tundra Sprayfoam Ltd. We are a Prairie Leader in thermal Sprayfoam insulation. We’re based in Regina Beach, SK and we are a fully in-house insulation operation. In-house means we’re able oversee the safety and quality of your project from the moment our company steps foot on the job, until we finish it. It also means that we own and operate all of our own equipment and will never be marking up your job to hire a subcontractor. 

We travel all over Saskatchewan & Alberta weekly helping people save money, save energy, and live more comfortably. our service area includes, but is not limted to:  Moose Jaw, Regina, Estevan, weyburn, Yorkton, Saskatoon, Swift Current, Lake Diefenbaker, North Battleford, Lloydminster, Last mountain Lake, Prince Albert, Edmonton, Okotokes, Laccomb, Leduc, Red Deer, Calgary, Banff, High River



Insulating your house

While previous generations may have been content to live in drafty houses, most people now want comfortable warm houses. A healthy house today is well sealed, well insulated and properly ventilated. A well-insulated house is a bit like dressing for the weather. A wool sweater will keep you warm if the wind is not blowing and it is not raining. On a windy, rainy day, wearing a nylon shell over your wool sweater helps keep you reasonably dry and warm. A house is similar. On the outside, underneath the brick or siding, there is an air barrier that does the same thing as the nylon — it keeps the wind from blowing through. Then there is the insulation (like your sweater) and a vapour barrier, which helps keep moisture away from the house structure where it can do damage.


Signs of insulation problems

  • Signs of Insulation Problems

  • In the winter:

  • walls cold to touch

  • cold floors

  • high heating costs

  • uneven heating levels within building

  • mold growing on walls

  • In the summer:

  • uncomfortably hot inside air

  • high coolingcosts

  • ineffectiveness of air conditioning system

  • mold growing in basement

  • Insulation Effectiveness

  • R values and their metric equivalent, RSI values, are a way of labelling the effectiveness of insulating materials. The higher the R value or RSI value, the more resistance the material has to the movement of heat. Insulation products sold in Canada are labelled with R and RSI values. Provincial building codes specify minimum R (or RSI) values for new construction, with different values for different applications. It is important to know what your local building code requires when planning new construction. Note: The way the insulation is installed plays a large role in its effectiveness. Compressing the insulation, leaving air spaces around the insulation and allowing air movement in the insulation all reduce the actual R value of the insulation.


Insurance coverage

Tundra Sprayfoam Ltd. is a fully insured insulation company carrying both Commercial General Liability Insurance and Equipment insurance. Tundra Sprayfoam has had 0 claims and is very proud of our reputation and standard of work. We deal with only the most reputable suppliers to help ensure the quality, effectiveness and longevity of our work.

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Employee Insurance

All of our workers are employees of Tundra Sprayfoam Ltd and as such are fully insured under our SaskWCB coverage. We do not have subcontractors or pieceworkers who are responsible for having their own insurance like many other companies do. If one of our employees comes to conduct work on behalf of Tundra at your home, business or property you can be assured that they are fully insured in the event that they are injured on your premises.


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You can rest assured Tundra Sprayfoam Ltd. has what it takes to have your project completed on time and on budget with the upmost attention to care and detail. We take pride in our business like no others on the Prairie. 

We may not always be the lowest estimate you'll find, but good work isn't cheap and cheap work isn't good. We stand behind our foam, and if issues ever arise in the final product resulting from workmanship or materials, we will warrant it no questions asked.

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