Medium Density Foam

Go for a superior blend of durability and soft cushioning effect with the medium density foam supplied by us at Tundra SPF. These types of foam are ideal for applications like making car seat rests, chairs, sofas, and mattresses. They don’t break easily and hence last longer. At the same time, they provide a soft cushioning effect to the body when it comes in contact with the foam.

It is capable of supporting body weight and conform to its shape. Due to this, many customers view this type of foam as the ideal foam for their sitting, resting, or sleeping needs. The medium density is popular for applications like foam mattresses, patio cushions, indoor seating, sofa cushions, benches tops, seat pads, dry marine seats, car seats, and foam toppers. The medium density foam used allows for daily use of the product for many years, without breaking or drooping.

We have these types of foams available in multiple sizes and thicknesses. You can rest assured that the foam will not lose its shape even after years of rough use and daily wear and tear.

We are ready to take your orders for medium density foam in Regina and Saskatoon, Canada. Call us at Tundra SPF today itself.



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