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There are a broad range of insulating products and systems that are used in homes, buildings or other projects and each have their own unique characteristics and cost. 
Most insulation companies provide a limited number of these products or services. As Tundra Sprayfoam Ltd. Is a fully In-house insulation provider, we are not limited in terms of the options that we can provide to our customers. We try to fit the best system to your needs, your building and your budget – rather than simply selling you a single sprayfoam service.

Closed Cell Spray Polurethane Foam

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is a spray-applied plastic that can form a continuous insulation and air sealing barrier on walls, roofs, around corners, and on all contoured surfaces. It is made by mixing and reacting unique liquid components at the job site to create foam.

This happens to be a specialty of ours. Due to our extensive experience and know-how, we offer this service at an extremely competitive rate while not compromising on a quality finish. Get in touch to learn more.


Agricultural building Insulation

Our equipment is our livelihood, We know the importance of having a warm, dry place to store and service our gear during the 8 months of freeze we endure on the prairies. There is no shop to big whether the application is 4.5 inch of foam, R28 metal building insulation or just conventional batt and poly insulation. We have the knowledge to get your shop completed.


Blown Attic Insulation

in 2019 we installed over 150,000 square feet of blown fiberglass insulation in residential and commercial attics all across the prairies. From ice damaged attic insulation removal and replacement claims for SGI, to new hundred unit multi-family buildings all across Alberta and Saskatchewan, there's nothing we haven't seen, and nowhere we haven't  been when it comes to attic spaces.


Air Sealing

we are the leaders in R2000 6ml vapour barrier and 10ml ground seal poly. please contact for more information and pricing.


Attic Insulation Removals

If you’re looking for an experienced insulation removal company for your next project, we are the people to call. We have the experience, ability and equipment to remove and replace most attics in one day. When you use our company there is minimal intrusion of your living space with all removed insulation materials travelling through 8 inch hoses to hepa bags in our trailer. No mess! We can remove ALL types of attic insulation and our price simply wont be beat.



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