Thermal Spray Foam Insulation

At Tundra SPF, we have proven competencies in manufacturing and supplying thermal spray foam insulation for a wide array of use cases like packing and interiors. The air sealing property of the exceptional quality thermal spray foam traps heat and sound and makes it an excellent choice for many applications like packing fragile items for all-round cushioning and safety, and in building construction for spraying on roof tiles, concrete slabs or wall cavities.

The insulation and air barrier properties of our thermal insulation services provide a dual advantage of high savings on energy bills and low costs associated with heating or cooling the property premises. As a result, many customers are increasingly going for the PU products supplied by our company.

Reasons to go with Tundra SPF

  • Amazing versatility – Our thermal insulation company provides PU spray products that prevent air infiltration, and hence, maintains the temperature within the property. If noise cancellation is what you are looking for, then you can go for this high acoustic quality of our thermal foam spray products to apply on the roofing, walls, ceilings, and floors.

  • Total ROI – Are you looking to save on heating and utility bills? Then you need not look beyond our thermal insulation services. We have the men and material to carry out long-lasting and hassle-free installation and upgrade to your studio or property.

  • Expert services – We know the right application process that will ensure that there is low odor during application and to vapors after it has been applied. We can efficiently insulate hard to reach areas, thus providing 100% coverage without any space left behind.

Go ahead, connect with the experienced professional crew available at Tundra SPF, and get capable services executed at affordable price points. We are ready to cater to all areas in and around Regina and Saskatoon, Canada.



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